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Use of Force Expert Witness Services

Specialists in providing Expert Witness services on physical intervention, use of force and self defence within the private security industry in criminal or civil courts.

What we do

Independent expert on use of force, control and restraint and self defence.

We apply our expertise to the unbiased factual analysis and investigation of use of force incidents to carry out failure analysis and provide an understanding of why the incident occurred.

We aim to tailor any investigation specifically to your needs, whether that be a desktop review of existing information, providing an initial opinion on cause or a fully detailed forensic investigation from inspecting the scene of the incident to providing a formal legal report and evidence in Court, if required.

We offer independent and impartial Expert Witness advice to Solicitors, Crown Office, Insurers, Loss adjusters, private clients and commercial/industrial organisations providing evidence in both criminal and civil cases in a wide range of areas. 

We investigate use of force through root cause analysis (RCA) and incidents in the UK and Overseas.

Our list of expert services is not exhaustive, and cases will arise that do not appear to fit into a category. We are always happy to provide advice with no commitment, so if you need a use of force investigator and/or an Expert Witness and are unsure whether we have the correct expertise for you, then please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Security Guarding

We can provide legal understanding of security guarding and loss prevention as well as use of force and security policies and procedures.

Door Supervision

We can provide a full and in-depth analysis and understanding of use of for ce by door supervisors and the door supervision sector that deploys around 230,000 licensed door supervisors across the U.K.

CCTV Operations

We can provide expertise in Closed Circuit Television and Data Protection and background on legal issues surrounding public and private use of CCTV.

Specialist expert witness services 

Security Guarding

Security Guards working under contract, i.e., supplied by a private security company would be legally required to undertake a SIA license linked qualification, undergo a criminal background check to obtain a SIA security license to work in that sector. Inhouse security guards who work directly employed are not required by the SIA to undergo any training or licensing. So long as they are clearly employed as an inhouse security guard then they are exempt from licensing.

Door Supervision

Any person who undertakes door supervision work requires a SIA license to legally undertake such work and must have undergone a license linked training course, gained a SIA license linked qualification as well as a criminal background check. This is irrespective of whether the door supervisor is employed in-house, i.e, directly by a nightclub or bar or any other licensed premises or are employed by a private security company. Both require a SIA front line security license to work in that sector and the licensed trade. 


CCTV Operators working under contract, i.e., supplied by a private security company would be legally required to undertake a SIA license linked qualification, undergo a criminal background check to obtain a SIA CCTV security license to work in that sector. Inhouse CCTV Operators who work directly / employed imhouse are not required by the SIA to undergo any training or licensing. So long as they are clearly employed as an inhouse CCTV Operator then they are exempt from SIA licensing.

Security Industry Authority

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for the licensing of the private security industry in the United Kingdom. The SIA is an arm’s length licensing body established by statute law which reports to the Home Office. Individuals who work specific sectors of the private security industry are required to be licensed by the SIA


The SIA does not and has never been expected to deliver training to the private security industry itself. The SIA is required to set or approve standards of training and this is done by creating and publishing Specifications for Learning and Qualifications. These specifications are used by awarding bodies such the British Institute of Innkeeping, Highfield Awarding Body and NOCN, Industry Qualifications and other government regulated awarding organisations recognised to offer assessment and quality assurance for nationally recognised qualifications.

SIA Physical Intervention is best described as disengagement and escorting skills. Tony Hollyland.

why we do it

We’ve been there

The reality is that a lot of security operatives are on the front lines with the most basic of training and lacking in guidance from their employers or face higher risks to their safety from poor policies and procedures, lack of policies on use of force or even poor interpretation of the law by employers. An example would be where an employer states that security operatives must wait to be assaulted before they are permitted to use force. There are a multitude of variables within a situation or peripheral to a legal case that requires further scrutiny to ensure an individual charges with an offence must be provided with the best defence possible. With over 32 years as a professional Security operatives I can provide in-depth knowledge of the security industry and guidance of the many issues that may pertain to a case within the criminal or civil law.

We want to bring clarity to a somewhat confusing backdrop

We can advise on

  • Positional Asphyxia
  • Physical Intervention 
  • Self Defence
  • Security Operations 
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Security Industry Authority
  • Private Patrol Procedures
  • Use of Force by Security Operatives
  • Access Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Citizens Arrest
  • Workplace Violence
  • Nightclub / Bar Security
  • Security Risk Assessments

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