Use Of Force Consultant / Expert Witness Scotland.

Our Services

Expert Witness

We provide legal reports on the use of force, self defence, physical intervention and guidance on the private security industry with 31 years direct occupational competency.

Specialist Training

We provide specialist training from understanding reasonable force to advanced physical restraint to safeguard human life and prevent pro-longed restraint.


We provide a number of consultancy services to the licensed trade and retail sector on how to protect their employees through proper policies and procedures.


My skills, knowledge and expertise has been established through occupational competence on the front lines which has been built up over 31 years working within the private security industry as well as numerous qualifications. 

In relation to Use of Force Encounters it requires proper analysis by a competent person.  

Violent incidents can be very dynamic, fluid and extremely problematic for those who are not occupationally competent to understand the complexities and use of force science, even although they may be a private training provider and where they lack the occupational expertise of having occupational competence working directly within a front-line role and may only provide the courts with theoretical subjective knowledge as opposed to practical objective knowledge and use of force scientific gained from years of actual experience.