Why hospital security guards say they can’t stop violence

There are calls for special constables to be installed in Australian health facilities as confronting footage of the violence faced by health employees continues to emerge.

As reported by Channel 9 in Australia, disturbing footage captured in a Sydney mental health intensive seven years ago was given to A Current Affair to illustrate the prolonged trauma facing security guards in Australian hospitals.

Multiple guards and medicos use a bedsheet to restrain and bring down a violent patient.

It takes multiple people to hold him down and medicate him, before he is tied to a stretcher and wheeled away.

Former security guard Warren Browne paints an equally ugly picture of his last day on the job, when his shoulder was ripped out by a drug addict at Hornsby Hospital in Sydney’s north.

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International Security Officers Day #ISOD

You may be slightly confused as it is (as yet) largely unknown in the U.K. and was started 3 short years ago on the 24th of July 2016 by members of the security industry in Singapore who recognised that the men and women, were at the front line of the provision of private security services, went about their role quietly, effectively with very little or no recognition, (sound familiar?). 

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Is that two women on a door?

The real issue is that whilst we have female firefighters, astronauts, pilots, police officers and female soldiers serving on the front lines, it seems unfathomable to some people that two females can work together, at the same venue, on the same shift, without a big burly man to come and save them!

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Use of bogus expert witness renders dozens of fraud case convictions unsafe

Numerous fraud convictions have been made unsafe following the collapse of a trial yesterday in which the prosecution’s expert witness was found to have no academic qualifications.   Andrew Ager was involved in 20 previous trials and up to 50 police investigations into allegations of fraudulent carbon credit selling.   The collapse of the case, also […]

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