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International Security Officers Day #ISOD

You may be slightly confused as it is (as yet) largely unknown in the U.K. and was started 3 short years ago on the 24th of July 2016 by members of the security industry in Singapore who recognised that the men and women, were at the front line of the provision of private security services, went about their role quietly, effectively with very little or no recognition, (sound familiar?). 

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False arrest

Cardle v Murray 1993 S.L.T. 525 The accused was breakdancing in a busy shopping precinct. He accidentally bumped. into an elderly lady, nearly knocking her down. A police officer walked towards the accused in order to warn him about his conduct. The accused continued to break dance and backed away from the officer as he […]

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Private Security Skills & Qualifications Review

The Security Industry Authority have begun a wide ranging review of the licence linked qualifications. They have widened the scope of this work to consider not just the mandatory qualifications security operatives require, but how to support the industry to address the skills and knowledge needed by operatives, throughout their careers and across the private […]

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