Is that two women on a door?

This was one of many comments made by individual's who where commenting on a facebook video post and contacted a friend of mine who is female and was working on a door with her colleague who is also female.

Basically an incident occurred where my friend rightly refused entry to a young male who she deemed to be unfit to enter her venue. She was right, the cctv footage shows the male fall back and kick a metal barrier and ends up getting his foot caught in the railings of the metal barrier and the young male falls backwards and then gets up and starts attacking the metal barrier, lifting it up and throwing it, but thankfully not in the direction of the venue. Thankfully no one was assaulted or injured, apart from the young mans pride. The two female door supervisors handled the situation with the upmost professionalism and as I have to review hundreds of hours of cctv footage every year as a expert witness I am happy to go on record and state the way the two female door supervisors handled the entire situation was correct and demonstrated good restraint on the part of the door supervisors and it was text book stuff duding by the cctv footage I was sent.

The comments on social media in connection to the cctv footage were really sad to read and pretty much was nothing more than negative stereotyping of women in a male dominated industry.

The point of this post is not to do with the use of force or the professionalism of the door supervisors, the purpose is to expose the piss poor perception that society has towards female door supervisors.

Female empowerment is a real thing.

Some of the comments on the cctv footage again was in relation to the fact that it was two FEMALE door supervisors who were working together, instead of two males or male and female.

The issue with people complaining of two door supervisors who are female and working together is sexist and shows society has far to go in understanding equality and diversity and it's true nature.

I am proud to say that I know females who are highly experienced door supervisors and own their own security companies and work every dam shift going alongside their counterparts, irrespective of their gender.

The great nature of the private security industry is it's diversity. We have people of all faiths, ethnicity and gender and we work alongside each other as the progression of the industry is vitally important more than ever.

The SIA commissioned a independent report into Security Licensing and in particular door supervisors and they found that uptown 40% of door supervisors are leaving or refusing to renew their licence to work. Effectively we are starving for manpower, and that means that we need more females.

Without digging through all my reports, there was a statistic published back in 2007 that stated that females made up only 7% of the private security industry. Today that figure is estimated to be 9% by the Security Industry Authority. Personally I think this figure should rise if enough attention was given over to the SIA's publicity machine and help drive females to take up the role of door supervisor, if we do not see an increase of female power to the industry then there is a real risk of some venues going un-staffed for security and where the premises license dictates a security requirement then this could potentially mean cancelling events or club nights.

Another persons view on facebook was that it was "Unsafe" for two females to work together.

I could go into the Equality Act 2010 and quote chapter and verse but in reality if a security company wishes to deploy two female door supervisors together then that is perfectly fine. It is a legal requirement for each premises to be risk assessed by the security provider as well as the licensed premises themselves.

The real issue is that whilst we have female firefighters, astronauts, pilots, police officers and female soldiers serving on the front lines, it seems unfathomable to some people that two females can work together, at the same venue, on the same shift, without a big burly man to come and save them!

This is nothing more than 1980's tv show Life on Mars mentality that women do not belong on the front lines and should stay at home. The comments made in relation to the fact that it was tolerated that two female door supervisors could work together, all I can say is it is a reminder of the everyday struggle females face and society as a whole when members of the public and even when some security staff themselves make stupid comments or hold sexist belief systems and the potential impact that this could have on the door supervision sector growing in numbers with more female's taking up the post.

There are many great security companies which are owned and operated by highly experienced and knowledgable females with many years of service within the private security industry and have used their experiences to create better employment opportunities than which they were previously afforded.

The future is female 

Whatever people's biased opinions are, the stark reality is that if the door supervision sector is to make it through these tough times where up to 40% of door supervisors are leaving, or refuse to renew their SIA front line licenses then we need woman-power to make up the numbers, otherwise clients will end up with no security.

 Run Ragini Woman Bouncer Group[/caption]

In developing countries such as India all female security companies are growing in numbers as well as other countries.

There are many great positive female role models on the doors in the U.K. and this is absolutely fantastic for the door supervision sector as it puts a human face on the job and can only help drive more females to take up the role of door supervisor.

Here is a link to one such story that was in the papers.

On another note working as a female security guard can be just as dangerous if not more so. Link

Steven Morrison

32 years Door Supervisor, Subject Matter Expert, Expert Witness (Scotland), Physical Restraint, Use of Force/Self Defence.