NYPD Cops overlook handgun in turnstile jumper’s waistband

In what could have been a deadly situation two police officers from the NYPD arrested a fair dodger who jumped the turnstiles on the New York Subway. The two officers failed to conduct a full search of the suspect at the scene and transported him all the way back to their precinct and then noticed that he was carrying a gun in his waistband which was easy to see since the fair dodger top was slightly up, as to show that the firearm was in plain sight. This was a procedural error by the two officers and could have proved deadly during the transportation of the prisoner.

The man with the handgun has been identified as an ex-con Billy Walters, 37, who walked through an emergency subway gate at the 149th Street station without paying the fare around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday.

The NYPD police officers took him to Transit District 11 near Yankee Stadium but failed to discover the .45-caliber Sig Sauer in his waistband until they got him in front of the station’s desk sergeant.

The NYPD patrol guide states that a search should be conducted as soon as a person is taken into custody — with special attention given to the waistband.

Walters, who is homeless, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing, the NYPD stated..

Senior NYPD officials have not made any comment on the oversight by the individual officers.

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