In Company Training

The fact that your people have a decisive part to play in business performance and success is hardly breaking news. Forward- thinking organisations across all industry sectors are bringing training and development to the top of their corporate agenda; recognising the link between individual performance and the overall performance of the business.


If you're reading this, you're probably one of these organisations. It could be that you've highlighted a skills gap, or you have employees and managers that need to keep up to speed with the latest legislation and case law. Either way, you're looking for training that suits your own specific circumstances and culture; from a provider with expert knowledge of your particular subject. But just as importantly, you need a solution that fits within your budget.

Our In-Company Training works with customers across all industry sectors to deliver training on everything from management skills to employment law. Organisations big and small turn to the CIPD for the knowledge and commitment to quality that comes from being the leading authority on the management and development of people. They come for the expert guidance and advice gained from years of experience combined with an understanding of the latest issues; and because they know they can trust us to get it right.

​A wealth of experience

Today's training needs are diverse, so our trainers come from varied industry sectors, and have a wealth of expertise across diverse subject areas. We only use trainers who meet CIPD In-Company Solutions' exacting quality standards.

Because we understand that you need results, we don't base programmes on hypothetical scenarios. We focus on practical and relevant training that makes a difference to your organisation from day one.

Delivering training in a way that suits you

Some customers ask us to deliver a standard course from our public courses training directory. Others need a fully-customised solution across a range of subjects, one that is suitable for staff in different roles with varying skill levels. Traditional classroom training suits some organisations, whereas others are more interested in learning sets or using online tools and resources.

The point is, we can help in different ways. Because of the range of our trainers' skills and the variety of learning methods we use, we can deliver training that's exactly right for you.

From standard to fully customised

We can deliver every course within our training directory in-house. Content and format will be based on the directory programme with few adaptations. Because your investment is per day and not per delegate, this can be a highly cost-effective way of training five or more people.

We can also tailor directory programmes, where we adapt course length, content and emphasis to suit particular requirements.

Increasingly, the demand is for customised and bespoke training programmes where an account manager and trainer work with you to assess business needs and aims - and how to achieve them. This may include a mix of learning methods such as pre-workshop reading, modular workshops, case studies and ongoing tutor support, to name just a few.

Getting started

Before we suggest a possible solution, or even a potential trainer, we will spend time understanding your circumstances - assessing your needs and goals and taking into account your internal policies and culture. Then we will discuss the various learning options, so you can be sure you will receive the right programme for you.

Support behind the scenes

Throughout the duration of the training programme - from initial enquiry to evaluation after the event - you will have a single point of contact who will be fully up-to-speed with the status of the project. By always dealing with one account manager, you're assured of quality service and individual attention.

From the time you book the programme, a course co-ordinator will be on-hand to manage logistics and all the associated administration, ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish. This allows the trainer to focus on what's most important: delivering the training itself.


Rather than paying per delegate, you'll pay a flat daily fee, keeping you fully in control of your budget. And because our trainers come to you, you don't have the inconvenience and costs incurred by taking your employees out of the workplace.

A shared experience 

Learning together has the advantage of giving a group of employees a shared experience and language. Also, we create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages employees to practice what they've learnt, so they get more out of the training, and can easily apply their new skills back at work.

Continuous learning programmes

More organisations are beginning to appreciate the business and personal benefits to be gained from investing in continuous learning programmes for their employees. If you're interested in developing a programme for your staff, talk to us about In-Company Routes to Qualification.

We can work with you to develop a learning programme that's right for your organisation, one that develops practical skills within your workplace, and equips your organisation with 'thinking performers'. Various learning routes can be designed to meet the needs of individuals with different skills and experience levels. These can consist of foundation courses, certificate programmes, elements of (or the full) CIPD Professional Development Scheme, or on-the-job assessments such as NVQs. The premise of this approach is that people build on previous experience and learn in 'stages'.

For more information, please ask for our In-Company Routes to Qualification brochure.

To request a copy of our Training Directory, talk through a current training need, or discuss the many options available, please contact one of our advisers: